Kobayashi Direction Inc. (K.D.) is a design firm established by Yoshihiro Kobayashi following a successful career as an art director in an award-winning corporate advertising division.
Working for years in the world of corporate advertising and participating in countless dialogues and discussions with corporate clients following the establishment of our design firm, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of corporate sensibilities and concerns. Each project begins with research encompassing every conceivable perspective and way of thinking with the objective of accurately identifying consumer values and needs against the backdrop of today’s constantly changing social landscape. Based on sound and thorough analysis, we produce high-impact creative executions that resonate with today’s consumers.

At K.D., teams are deployed according to the nature of the assignment. Team A is led by founder Kobayashi in his capacity as art director/creative director; Team B is led by Remi Abiru in her capacity as art director.
Copywriters, photographers, and planners are selected for each project from our pool of talented subcontractors. K.D. staff are involved in every aspect of the project, with each member of the team taking full responsibility from initial brain-storming sessions to the fine-points of the finished work, to ensure carefully crafted communications. This intense involvement of a small, dedicated team enables us to deliver precisely tailored high-quality creatives.

As a firm involved in graphic design, we cannot conceive of ad production as a business function alone. Through the process of mining and conveying thoughts and feelings that have yet to find expression in words, we strive to produce creative executions that live on in people’s hearts and minds. In a milieu awash with conflicting and complicated information, we square our shoulders and focus on the truth, aiming to communicate each message with fresh clarity. The production of honest, sincere advertising is our contribution to society and to the people who lead their lives within its framework.

Team A is led by Yoshihiro Kobayashi in his capacity as art director/creative director. His approach is shaped by a conviction that advertising, package design and other graphic design applications must not begin and end with salesmanship or one-way communication of a message.
Of course, selling the product is the first priority, and we must craft communications that sell. But it takes something more for people to embrace a product, to become true fans who take the product into their lives.
To create a hit product, we need to get up close and personal with consumers and know their lifestyles and aspirations. Lending a humble ear and heeding the messages that surface enhances the dignity of design and enables us to produce creative executions that resonate with real people.
Our team creates robust, powerful advertising that enables people, products, and corporations to coexist.